September 2020

A game changer for Gloriam Technologies. We have been finally granted patent application in the USA! 


March 2019

Melbourne Insitute of Technology dedicated 4 groups of students with Instructors for one semester to work with Gloriam Technologies on Communitybond.com.au. 

Octobre 2018

Melbourne Insitute of Technology dedicated 4 groups of students with Instructors for 2 semesters to work with Gloriam Technologies on Communitybond.com.au. 

September 2016

An international type search in Sep 2016 confirmed the novelty and the clear industrial applications of our patent. This report on the World Intellectual Property Organisation 's website recognised that all our claims are novel and have clear industrial applications. The report proves that our concept could be protected and our patent could be licensed.

The report could be found here:


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The present claims go beyond the mere concept of simply retrieving and combining data using a computer. In fact, it results in faster computation time compared to as occurred in prior processes, and produces an improved geo location processing. These are also improvements in the technology of geo location and geo tagging and geo data processing. The present claims are not merely limiting the abstract idea to a computer environment by simply performing the idea via a computer (i.e., not merely performing routine data receipt and storage or mathematical operations on a computer), but rather is an innovation in computer technology, namely geo location and geo tagging processing, which in this case reflects both an improvement in the functioning of the computer and an improvement in another technology. Taking all the additional claim elements individually, and in combination, the claims as a whole amount to significantly more than the abstract idea of geo location and geo tagging.