Gloriam Technologies Pty Ltd is an Australian company established in May 2014 and headquartered in Victoria, Australia.

Gloriam Technologies focuses on mobility, geo-location and connectivity applications and was created to design and build a universal solution to efficiently connect all the communities of the world.

Gloriam Technologies filed a provisional and PCT patent in March 2015 and March 2016 covering a new concept and method “Mobility profile options, selection and Mobility Profile Tagging”. An international type search in Sep 2017 confirmed the novelty and the clear industrial applications of our patent. This report on the World intellectual Property's organisation website recognised that all our claims are novel and have clear industrial/commercial applications. The report proves that our concept could be protected and that our patent could be licensed.

Mobility profile options and tagging would revolutionize community communication  & networking. It would introduce innovative online business concepts. Our patent is magically aligned with the center of gravity of big online business such as Google, Facebook, Groupon, ebay, NextDoor and could take their businesses to another dimension.


To create ground breaking –internet based- mobility and geo-location communication solution for the communities by 2020.


We build disruptive internet based technologies and provide our customers with mobility and connectivity solutions to connect their users with their surrounding communities wherever they are and wherever they go.

Gloriam Technologies Pty Ltd.